Sunday, October 27, 2013

life lately...

life lately has been

i have been cranky.
like a full blown cranky pants.

there's been way too much
going on.
things haven't gone smoothly
in any area.

i'm just being honest.
that's how it's been.
and don't act like you haven't
ever felt that way.

then, these two came spend
the weekend
we had the absolute
best time, as usual.
and i wasn't cranky.
not once.
because they are a complete blast.
and i adore them.

oh, our kitchen is done.
which is awesome.
and, it's beautiful now.
i may even cook a meal
it's so beautiful.

i'm also ready to decorate
for christmas.
so ready.
thinking of starting this week.

i'm thinking the cranky
phase is over.

well, that's the most random
post ever.
i just hadn't visited my blog
in a while and wanted to
leave something here.

hoping to show you our kitchen makeover soon.

enjoy your sunday.

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