Friday, December 27, 2013

out with the old and in with the new...

another whole year
has come and gone.

was crazy.

it was a year of a huge blessing,
our new home.
with that home,
came loads of adventures
and very little extra time.

i feel like it was chaos from
beginning to end.
i am looking forward
to 2014 and making it
a year of calm.

there may have been some
baby talk from the boo
and my response was,
"don't you want a year
of no big life changes
a year of peace?"
that's what i'm looking forward
to and i'm hoping the lord is on board
with that plan.

i want to move at the speed of snail
this year and just slow down!
a lot.

here is the good from 2013:

our home.

our health.

sharing our lives
with the ones we hold dear.

for the most part, 
finishing the big projects
in the house.

learning to eat healthy
without all the fluff.

growing and learning more
about each other in our marriage.

becoming a person that wakes
up early naturally.

made more time for god.

there is much more good but those
are the highlights.

i won't point out the negatives but,
just so you know,
there were some.
nothing is perfect.

i'm heading into 2014
extremely determined.
more determined than 
i have been in a while.
i am determined to 
stick to my goals for the year.

we have our home and we are settled in.
i have a steady job.
we are finding our way in our marriage.
there are no huge changes taking place
that should distract me from these goals.

i am determined to focus
on them and make them
work throughout the year.

here's the plan for 2014:

make more time for god.

with each year, i feel i make progress
with this but there is always
room for growth in god.
i just want to spend
more time in his presence
and study his word with passion.

only feed the things that feed me
and the things that drain me,
leave those alone.

this is super important to me this year.
i won't go into details of this
because they are personal
but i have got to learn to focus
on the things that feed my soul.
i have got to quit giving energy and 
time to the things that drain the life
out of me.

i am a people pleaser
and a giver so this is hard
but it is time for me to self preserve
and i am determined to do so.

bring back the creativity.

i can count the number
of times i scrapped in 2013 on one hand.
ugh. not how i want to be able
to count those times.

i miss the creative part of my life.
2013 i dove into home decor
because i had to and that is fine
because that's the season i was in.
i miss playing with home decor,
just for fun.

i miss scrapping.
i miss blogging.
i miss taking pictures.
i have made some investments
to make sure these hobbies come back
in full bloom this year.
excited to play in my scrap room.


ah, fitness.
the constant battle.
i feel that i've gotten the eating
healthy down.
trust me,
it's by no means super strict
but that's what's working i think.
i still give myself some room
but i'm eating better because i want to.
i need to run though.
i need to do it to tone.
i need to do it to clear my head.
i just need to do it.

do meal planning and cook.

i am determined to cook this year.
i don't plan on being unrealistic
and say i will cook every night
or even every week for that matter.
yes, every week 
would be unrealistic for me.
i just want to try and plan our meals
to help ensure some success with the 
whole cooking thing.
i really am going to try.

be more organized.

i used to be painfully organized.
i used to plan out every aspect
of life and the day to day.

this year, i kind of had
to fly by the seat of my pants.
this coming year,
i want to find a happy medium.
i want to be more organized
to ensure time and energy
for all of the things i love.

quit giving so much at work.

i posted about my job a while back.
well, this school year
has changed the way i feel a bit.
i do still believe it is my ministry, for now.

i have got to quit giving so much there.
i can't do it anymore.
i have learned that it is pointless
to spend countless personal hours
towards my job.

i refuse to drain myself for a paycheck.
that's what it is.
i wil get what i can get done done.
what i can't get done,
will have to wait.
i am there from 7-4 everyday
and that is it!

i have gone above and beyond
and realized that it doesn't pay off.
so, i will scale back and do what i can.
oh and i won't apologize for it.
(shane will be so happy to read this.)


bring on the books.
i sure do miss em.
i read 2 books in 2013
and boy i sure hope to make
that many more for 2014.

i still really wanna start a book club too.

let shane choose.

i want to give shane the choice
of things more.
what i mean is,
when we go places,
do things,
pick vacations,
i'm usually the one to choose
and shane just goes with it.

this year, i want to let him 
choose more.
and i want to happily do them
without pouting or pitching a fit.

i am so hoping all these goals
don't go out of the window after
a few weeks as they seem
to do because life
takes over.

i am so grateful
to have another year to 
live for the lord
and try to make myself a better person.

here's to the wonderful memories
of 2013 and the lovely
promises that 2014 holds.
i pray the year is blessed
for all of you.


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  1. Wonderful post as always. I am totally with you with the job part! I have already started to lay the ground work to reduce my load that I have heaped on myself when it comes to work. I love the part when you said you wouldn't apologize for it! I have learned in my 5 years of teaching that if you allow it to the school and job will suck the joy right out of you...and this only makes you a worse teacher, friend, and person. I love my job but I have to have clear boundaries! I read an Amazing book which helped me to learn to say NO and not feel bad about it. I see you are wanting to read more this year, I highly recommend "Boundaries" as well as "Soul Detox," both are amazing books. It was funny to read your post since I was just in the middle of typing my 2014 post as well...our post share some resemblances. I pray that this year is a year of calm for you and that you see the Hand of God in all that you do.