Monday, December 30, 2013

highlights of christmas...

like most people,
christmas is my most
favorite part of the year.
i live for it.
it is magical.

this year,
christmas felt so overly busy.
just busy and fleeting.
it felt like it lasted
a few days.
we are just too busy
these days.
i want to pause
just to be able
to have time
for traditions,
and christmas movies,
and time by the tree.

we were able to squeeze in
just a few things this year.
my absolute fave
tradition is cookies with the

it started with hayden
10 years ago.
we would go to toys r us
and make his christmas list
and then come home and use
the same cookie cutters
that my brothers and i used
as kids,
 and bake lots of cookies.

this year,
hayden opted out of the cookies
and played games with the guys instead.
(i must admit, i kinda
wanted to shed a tear.)

we invited more family to join us
and the girls had the best time.
the house ended up filling up with family,
that's always the best.

christmas was nice
and i think everyone got what they wanted.
i love the face that is made when
the people you love open
something that makes them happy.

yes, i know it's not about the gifts,
of course,
but it's fun to give people something
they love.

my favorite part
of christmas day is opening presents
with my family at my parents' house.
we are lucky that my brothers
have both found some pretty awesome
ladies that now share the holiday with us.

my brothers make me laugh so hard.
they always make fun of the things
that my mom puts in our stockings.
(even though they know they love it)

this year, they guessed every single
thing correctly before opening
each one.

another tradition of christmas is our
christmas cards.
i hand make them every year.
i always have a vision
and we try to make it come to life.
usually, the result always falls
short of the vision.

this year, i had a vision but
we were very late taking the pictures
and one day, after work,
we tried to take some pics
and what i had in mind, 
just wasn't working.

we ended up just snapping
a few very random shots.
they weren't the best,
but we settled on
one that worked
and we were able to 
get our cards sent.
that's what matters,

here are some of the rejects:

 (we took this one after we were done being serious,
while we were goofing off, and i love it)

here's the one we ended up settling with:

i changed shirts
a few times.
i was going for a "not fat"
look but nothing worked.

well those are highlights
from our christmas.
i'm looking forward to tomorrow night.
we have a cozy new years planned
with the ones we love.

enjoy your last day of 2013.
make it count and do something
kind for someone else.


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