Wednesday, January 1, 2014

the best, hands down...

well first...
let's start with saying this...

welcome 2014.

normally for new years eve,
we get all dolled up
and go out to our local
civic center
for a live band and some dancing.

this year i kinda wanted a low-key
kind of new years eve.
when my family all agreed,
we decided to hang out and cook
at our house.

let's just say that it turned
out to be my absolute favorite
new years eve,
hands down.

i did a quick table decor
and threw up a new years banner
because i had to get the house
a bit festive.
the table was so cheez and nothing dramatic
but, hey, i improvised.

(both clocks were supposed to be set
to 12:00 but one didn't work.)

i also picked up some pipe cleaners
and pom poms and us ladies made crowns.
my brothers' girlfriend and fiancé
made a crown for button and she even
looked quite festive for the occasion.

as you can tell,
she was very amused.
i love this picture though.
i'm so glad we got it.

we had the music blaring
and the stove going the whole night.
my lovely boo cooked most of the food
and it was all delicious.
my baby bro and i danced like it was our job
while the others chatted.

i love this sight in my home.
we danced, played cranium, and did some sparklers.

the cranium game was quite interesting to say the least.
it got extremely heated and we all laughed
till we fell out of our chairs, mom :)
our cranium clay was dried out
so we ended up using biscuit dough
and someone may have used their
new years hat as a cone bra to imitate

oh, and just for the record,
shane and i won.

i couldn't have spent the night
any other way.
i thank god for these people.
they are the ones that hold me together.

i pray abundant blessings in our life for 2014.
i pray the hand of god in our family.
i pray for us to thrive, restore, love, laugh, and dream
more than ever.

i will treasure these memories.
here's to this new year.
i'm hoping it includes many more nights like this one.


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