Wednesday, September 17, 2014

doing life...together

it's a crazy thing.
stick two people together
that have known each other for a season
and have them spend pretty much every
day and night together
for forever.

i mean wow what a brilliant idea.

doing life with someone
is serious business.

life is complicated.
life is ever changing.
life is emotional.
life is crazy.

so, in the midst of doing life
and trying to keep yourself together,
you get to make sure someone
else is okay all along the way.

normally i would say...
shoot me now.
no thanks.
i want no part of anything like that.

doing life... together
with this guy...

has been freakin awesome.

i will be the first to admit
we have had some rough years.
and i know i won't have this
freakin awesome attitude everyday
for forever.

heck you may hear me complaining
about this dude tomorrow.
but that's the beauty of marriage
you can do that.

but right now...
we are having a blast.
this year has been so great.

we are just building this
laid back
adventure filled
little life.
and i'm smitten with it.

i am so excited about where we are
and where we are going.
our sweet god has been pulling on us lately
and calling us to new heights.

i'm excited about that.

we have been settling into our home
and making it a place of peace
and rest and joy.

i'm excited about that.

we have been learning each other
and respecting each other
and taking care of each other.

i'm excited about that.

i feel like we are at this place where
we are compromising
and giving in
and trying harder than ever
and it's just been so much easier.
funny how when you quit
over thinking life
and just live...
it simplifies.

at the beginning of this year
it wasn't easy and god had to really
lay it on us and let us know
what needed changing.

he shook us up.

and a part of me wanted to run.

i now see that he was shaking us
to build us and prepare us for
what he's going to do.

we are his children and our marriage
has a mighty purpose
and a mighty ministry
and boy are we ready for it.

we want to win souls.
we want to care for the broken.
we want to make people feel like people.
we want to bring back the love of god
to as many wounded hearts as we can.
and just knowing that we have that
pull on our hearts...together
gets me so excited
for what's to come.

doing life...together
is crazy beautiful.

we are polar opposites.

i am strong willed.
he is easy going.
i am a perfectionist.
he accepts what things are and aren't.
i am passionate.
he has the same reaction to everything.
(which sometimes drives me nuts)
i am guarded.
he is open.

we are learning how to use these
opposites in the best ways possible.
how to balance each other.
how to embrace what the other has to offer
instead of fighting against it.

isn't that what doing life...together 
is all about.

so while doing life...together
at first glance,
doesn't sound like the most brilliant
of ideas.
i'm learning that it is.

you have someone to pick you
up and dust you off when you fall.

you have someone to force a smile
when your day just plain sucks.

you have someone bring you back
to earth when your ideas and emotions
are roaming wild.

you have someone to drink coffee with.

you have someone to have adventures with.
even if they're lame.

you have someone to talk to.
to yell at.
to hug.
to kiss.
to love.

this whole doing life...together
it's becoming one of my most favorite things.



  1. This is beautiful! I am so thankful that God put you in mine and Kaleb's lives. Thank you for not running. :)

  2. Beautifully said! I always enjoy reading your post. I won't lie, I'm a bit jealous of what you have. haha! Pray for me that God will finally send me someone to do life with :)