Monday, October 13, 2014

we have pumpkins people...

one of my most favorite things
is seeing how my mom used to decorate
our houses for the different holidays.
sometimes, in rolls of film,
there are pictures hidden of
our christmas tree,
or easter tree,
or wooden pilgrims.

i love that she took pics of that.
it shows just one more
thing we have in common.
since I'm decor obsessed,
i get kind of giddy finding those pics
mixed into our family pictures.

i think it's important
to document our home and the way
it looks during the 
different seasons
and holidays.
i can only hope,
if we end up having a little lady
she will love seeing my cheesy
holiday decor.

last year,
since the house was in
the tour of homes,
i focused strictly on christmas
and didn't do any fall decorating.
this year, i really wanted to 
do something for fall.

decorating for fall pretty
much consisted of me
buying a variety of pumpkins
and sticking them everywhere.
so please don't expect anything
cause it's not.

i love owls and actually have
somewhat of an extensive collection.
i think they bring the feeling
of fall when put with
some pumpkins.
in our cubby thing i included a few owls
and a couple of pumpkins.

i found that little fall broom hanging
at the habitat restore last year
for 50 cents i think.

i know the happy banner has nothing
to do with fall but i love the colors
and thought it looked cute
on our mantle piece.
my intentions were to make
a fall banner with some fabric leaves
but yea that never happened.
and happy is appropriate
year round anyway.

check out our chalkboard wall
that i've been wanting to do.

i found that orange tablecloth
at a flea market years ago
and it's perfect for fall.
i have so many great linens
that never get used.
i thought,
why not whip that bad boy out.

those felt flowers on our
table are from target last year.
i love them.
i added doilies and yarn
to some of the pumpkins we had too.

our dining room table
looks a lot like my mom's last year.
i just couldn't seem to get
creative for this season.
i just kept throwing pumpkins
hey, it's the thought that counts...

check out the precious
turkey plate i found at a 
city wide garage sale
i recently went to.
i love it.

for the mantle i used...
you guessed it...
owls and pumpkins.
i looooove that huge
owl on our mantle.
i found it a while back
for $30 at a flea market
and fell in love with it.

when doing our mantle,
i always have this super complicated
vision and these huge intentions
of making stuff and doing
it very elaborately
and then it just ends up being

simple is just enough.

we went to wal-mart
and bought lots of real pumpkins
to spruce up our front porch.
wreaths just aren't my thing.
i always want something
different from everyone down
our street
but putting together
wreaths just isn't a talent i possess.
i had big dreams for this bike
wheel but in the end it looks like this.
oh well.
it is what it is.

and one more thing...
i hate, hate, hate our front door.
i always have.
i have been on the look out for 
an antique one to replace
our boring, standard one.

and ya'll, i found one.
my amazing parents purchased it
for us and i can not wait
for my dad to install it.

here's a peak at it...

ya'll im so pumped.
dad is going to have to make
some adjustments to our frame
for the door to work
but i really think it will
change the look of our house.
and I'm excited about that.

maybe my pitiful wreaths
will look just slightly better
because of this beauty.

and now that i've posted all
that i am ready for christmas.
i know it's so soon
but for me,
october is usually 
when my tree goes up.

i'm sorry. 
christmas just goes by
too fast
and i have collected so 
many things here and there
throughout this year.
i'm ready to put them up.

i will be going on two trips between
thanksgiving and christmas
too so i want to have
more time to enjoy
christmas in our home.

enjoy your week...

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