Monday, September 15, 2014


it's been well...
quiet around here.
so sorry about that.
i wish i blogged daily.
sometimes, i run out of things to post.
sometimes, i wanna post stuff
but i'm not sure what.
sometimes, there are posts
i have in mind but figure,
no one wants to read that.

school has begun and it's going great.
i am quite enjoying my students
and teaching them lots of
new things every single day.
they are a good little bunch with
some great personalities.

shane and i have been keeping
busy around the house.
we have also been making time
for each other as much as possible.

i am itching for some fall weather.
for some boots, some scarves,
some tights.
i have loaded the house down
with pumpkins and owls
and as many fallish things as
i could get away with.

i am recovering from a foot injury.
I have some stress fractures in my left
foot from cross fit.
just when i'm doin great with fitness
and healthy injury.
we are heading to costa rica in december
so there is no time for all this extra flub.
i'm hoping to get back into
the workout groove soon.

hopefully i'm back sooner rather
than later with another post.
just thought i'd catch up
here in the blogosphere.
hope your week is off to a great start.


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