Friday, November 14, 2014

"mom, you off tomorrow?..." a wedding post

mom, you off tomorrow?
ash, you off tomorrow?
no, why?
uh me and lindie have an
appointment to get married.

um, yea.
let me take you back a bit
and catch you up to where
this conversation took place.

it all started 26 years ago.
there was a precious little girl
with an amazing personality
and dashing good looks.
that's me i'm talking about.
she was two and she
was her parents' most favorite child.

then, one day,
along came this little bundle called
a baby brother.
at first, that little girl,
me, i
was unsure about the whole
having a baby brother thing.
however, it grew on me...quickly.

cope and i were two peas in a pod.
i always felt like i needed to protect
 him and take care of him
and make sure he always 
had the time of his life, everyday.

he meant the world to me.
we were constantly playing together.
we played school.
he harassed me in my playhouse.
he stripped my barbies naked
any chance he got.
and we cruised,
for hours, in my barbie car.
(ok probably not hours but a whole lot)

i adored that boy.
as we grew up,
we grew closer.
we protected each other.
we checked on each other.
we kept each other's secrets.
i loved having

cope was always a kind soul.
he tried to be tough on the outside
but he was really this big teddy bear
on the inside.
he was silly and calm and so laid back.
he just enjoyed whatever in life
and i always knew he had my back.

then there was a season.
one that i hate to remember.
he drifted. 
he drifted from me.
from our family.
he went through some rough times.
and i worried about him.
we didn't get along.
we argued every time we
were in the same room
and it broke me.
so much.
it made my heart ache.
i wondered if we would ever
get back what we had.

along came lindie.

now i will admit,
i'm that sister.
the one that's kind of rude
to the girls that they bring home.
the one that takes a while to warm up.
but lindie...
lindie was different.

the minute she became a part of 
cope's life,
he changed.
he became himself again.
he turned his back on some
things that never should have
been in his life.
he smiled constantly.
he was silly again.

he became that funny,
sweet, caring, teddy bear
that i love and that
 i had missed so much.

lindie saved my baby brother.
she saved him.

she's so amazing.
she's the most beautiful person.
she's so good to our family.
she's so good to my brother.
she loves him for him.
she takes care of him.
she makes him a better person.

she will never know 
what that means to me.

so we were thrilled when
he proposed last year.
i cried.
way too much.
we were elated.

for personal reasons,
we always knew there wasn't
going to be a huge wedding.
but we were a little surprised
by the conversation that began
last week.

we were all at my parents
on a monday night just hanging
out and talking.
cope came in from work
and sat with us.
about an hour after he had
walked in, 
 the previous conversation took place.

i immediately texted my boss to
let her know my crazy brother
just told us he was getting
married and that i wouldn't be
able to come into work.

me and mom then
went into overdrive
with a list to get a few things
to try to make their day
as special as we could.

and you have to know my brother,
he loved the shock and craziness
of it all.

the day ended up being
perfect and the little ceremony
was so sweet and special.
it was only about lindie and cope.
just them and their love.
exactly the way it should be.

don't get me wrong,
it would have been nice
if the lawyer would have had
a cleaner office,
in the grand scheme of things
who cares.
does it really matter
that there were more boxes
than a moving company?

i was so grateful that
one of my friends was able
to take the pics
at the last minute.
thanks again rachel.
you guys can check her out here

we also were able to get her a bouquet
and added some charms to make it
as special as we could.

in the end,
i don't think i could have
pictured it any other way.
we have cope
and lindie
and they have each other.
and that's all that matters to me.

i love those people so much ya'll.
i swear.
i am enjoying watching us grow
and seeing where god is taking us.

and i look forward to lots of
nieces and nephews.
and hopefully the wedding of
my other favorite baby bro.


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  1. Congrats to all of you, as when You add a wife, the whole family gains. I remember when you and Cope struggled, remember talking lots about it as we scrapped.... and here God, once again, if we allow Him, he does what he needs to do. Love to you all...the pic of you all kissing your signficant others and your lil bro, kissing the palms, well it's priceless! Love you Ash! Congrats to your whole family!