Friday, November 28, 2014

our halls are decked...

(warning: very full post. look at your own risk :)

well now that it's the day after
and christmas decor is 
i figured i'd post some of mine.

i am one of those annoying people
that puts up her christmas
decorations in october.

to me, the season flies by
and why not put it up early?
why not enjoy it longer?
it takes so long to put it up and 
take it down,
i feel like i just as soon
get my work's worth out of it.

i decorate a little bit
over about a week's time.
i unpack everything upstairs,
in my scrap studio,
and then just slowly
take it all down and place it wherever.

my mom and i always work on
my main christmas tree together.
i will not decorate it without her.
it's our tradition.

my mom gifted me all of the original
decorations on this tree my first christmas
in my own apartment.
i am still glad i chose
a fun, whimsical theme.
it's very traditional red and green
but i love it. 
you have to just sometimes go with plain
old christmas.

through the years,
i've added some vintage touches
and new elves.
i've also changed the ribbon
and added more of certain colors.

this tree is in our living room.
i also put a tree up in our bedroom.

this tree is filled with lots of random things.
i found this tree at our 
habitat for humanity store
for $15.
almost every ornament on it is
from there too. 
i throw some random
other things on the tree to add
some personality.

the last tree that i put up
is in our "formal" living room.

i want the decor in that room
to feel like it's from a different time
with a twist of personality.

i considered doing something
different to the tree this year,
in the end,
went with the same idea
as last year.
sometimes, there's just no energy
to reinvent the wheel.

i fill this tree with part of
my vintage camera collection and
old photos that
i've collected through
the years.

i add some vintage ornaments
and some lovely, tacky
tinsel and icicles.
ya'll those old school
icicles are the most fun
thing ever.

the rest of our decor is just
a matter of throwing christmas stuff around.

most of our decor has 
been collected through the years
from flea markets 
and thrift stores.

our stockings and a few other
things are from anthropologie.
i usually pick up some of my
favorite things from there each season.

i was thrilled to find the little sampler
above this past year on one of my hunts.
it was 25 cents. 
it was in an awful frame 
with a mauve matting.
i just swapped that out and it ended
up being perfect for this little nook.

it says...
"but as for me and my house
we will serve the lord."

i usually have loads of plans
to make things
and then i just end up
not making anything.
(i'm sure i wrote this in many other
blog posts)

i did get around to throwing this
little banner together.
i filled it with lots of tidbits of
christmas memories.

there are a few of the areas
of our home where i feel more stressed
to decorate than others.
the banister is one of them.
it's one of those things
that i don't wanna repeat
every year.
last year,
i used lots of ribbon,
real garland, 
and ball ornaments.

this year,
shane was very into
the fake garland idea.
he hated having to water
the real one and the needles
constantly falling bothered him.

i reluctantly agreed.

i must say it was easier
to work with the fake one,
it's just not the same.
i miss the smell.

i love how it turned out.
it's one of my favorite things
this year.

i used some of that
amazing silver beaded draping
that i purchased from 
one of our local decor shops.
i also added these great
cloth embroidered ornaments
that i purchased for 50 cents
(for all of them)
from our habitat store.
(ya'll they always have the best things.)
i added the wooden beads
that i got a while back
from anthropologie.

it's simple and
i like the mix of textures
and colors and it was easy
to throw together.

my two favorite things in my kitchen
are that vintage santa
on the mantle piece
and those kissing angels on the table.

my maw maw has had a set
of kissing angels
since i was little.
i have always, always
loved them so much.
now that i'm older,
i ask her for them all the time.
however, she loves them as 
much as i do,
and refuses to hand them over.

last year on a random stop
at a local flea market, 
i stumbled upon these.
i was so excited i could have cried.
(dramatic i know, but, ya'll
i love those things.)

i swear the lord comes junkin with me.
he always puts these special
little treasures in my path.

our dining room table is another one
of those things
that i never want to be the same
as the year before.

i loooooooooooooooooooooved
like loooooooved
our table decor last year.
and, honestly,
not so thrilled about this year's
but hey, it's done.

our mantle is another thing
that i rather not repeat from
year to year.

this year my mind was set
on stacking all of these 
vintage ornament boxes
that i've collected through the years.

anthropologie had done
some windows a while back
filled with stacks and stacks of 
ornament boxes and i loved them.

i just love the house at christmas.
it's magical.
what is it about christmas
that it's allowed to be
so magical.
i swear.

the best part of christmas decor
is sitting in the dark next to a lit tree
and drinking coffee with my boo.
i'm looking forward to many
many nights of that this season.

now ya'll needa get to deckin...


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