Wednesday, December 31, 2014

looking back on 2014...

this is it.
the obligatory new year post.

2014 has been so so
for us, it has been
filled with:
the prescence of god.

2014 has been filled with
beautiful memories with those
that matter most.

lots of birthdays,
mom's pinning and graduation,
loads of reading and coffee,
treasure hunts, 
teaching crazy kiddos,
days at home,
days out and about,
a wedding,
a class reunion,
family get togethers.

i was also able to 
go on so many great trips this year.
i love being home,
ya'll know that.
but traveling has
also been so much fun.

this year
i went to
new york
costa rica.

when i look back on this year,
i will always look at it fondly.
it has been the best year in 
a long time.
god is so amazing
and so at work in my life.
i don't deserve this beautiful life.
but i am grateful that it's mine.

i also made some resolutions for 2014.
i am so happy to report that,
for the first time in a while,
i kept most of them.

just a reminder,
they were:

more time for god
only feed the things that feed me
bring back the creativity
do meal planning and cook
be more organized
quit giving so much at work
let shane choose

and, of course,
my word was:

as for the resolutions:

more time for god...
i most definitely succeeded.
i read my bible and had
devotion time pretty much every day.
i am human and i did miss a few days
here and there.
for the most part, 
it was a part of my daily life.

only feed the things that feed me...
another success.
i stepped away from things that
were draining.
i put distance between myself
and the things that just aren't
good for me or my life.
it has made a huge difference.

bring back the creativity...
i brought scrapping back to 
my life this year in a big way.
i decided to participate
in project life
and i'm so happy to say
it had me scrapping
way more often this year.

i feel like i really got the 
whole healthy eating thing down
this year.
i did better with that than
i have in a long time.
i was able to drop some LBs.
the running...
well, it's been off and on.
not consistent.
there's always next year...

do more meal planning and cook...
ya'll let's just forget
about this one.
i ain't no cook!
never will be.

be more organized...
i'm a pretty organized person.
always have been.
there were some areas
that needed work
and they got it.
feeling very organized going
into 2015.

quit giving so much at work...
man man man
i am so glad i finally set some
boundaries at work.
i no longer bring hours of work
home from school.
i no longer sweat the insignificant
details and paperwork.
i do what i can, when i can,
and to my best ability.
and you know what i've noticed?
it has made me love my job more.
it has made me focus
only on loving and teaching
my babies.
it has made me realize
that all that reeeeeally matters,
is sewing seeds in those babies' lives.

yes and yes.
i read lots of books this year.

let shane choose...
i feel like i've made progress here
but i guess there's still more
room for improvement.
what can i say?
i like getting my way.

and as far as my word,
i succeeded in some ways
and could still improve in others.
isn't that life though.

all i can say is thank you jesus.
thank you for these people 
that have filled my year with love
and support.
thank you for this man
that fills my days with laughter
and love.
thank you for your presence and 
your constant grace.
and thank you for each
new day and this new year
that brings new opportunities
for growth and improvements
and even more memories.

c'mon 2015...


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  1. Hello,
    wish you to have a beautiful new year, just like 2014, or even better!!! :)