Sunday, February 22, 2015

project life year one...

when i decided to take on the
project of project life,
i was becoming burnt out with
one of my most favorite hobbies.

i was at a place where i was rarely
scrapbooking but wanting so 
desperately to spend time
in my scrap room making stuff.

after seeing project life on
all of my favorite scrappers' blogs,
i decided to go for it.

i didn't really know what i was doing.
it is a completely different way
of scrapping than i was used to.
i jumped in and just did what
i wanted.

i blogged more about
the beginning stages

going into this project,
i kept thinking about the things
that were important to me to document.

i think it's important that, 
if you are doing project life,
you really think about what are
the things that you want to document.

for me,
i thoroughly enjoy looking back
on photos of my parents, myself,
and brothers when we were younger.
the pictures that i enjoy most
are the ones of the everyday.

i love seeing us playing school
in the living room. 
i love seeing pictures of my
parents making out in bumper
cars at a fair.
the little moments,
not the posed studio photography
type shots.

i love peeking into my parents'
relationship before kids.

i looooove looking at
old pictures of my mom.
her outfits,
her hair,
what her room looked like.

i love seeing pictures of our homes.
how my mom decorated.
our furniture.

so, for me,
those are the types of things
i wanted to document in my 
project life album.

here are some things I'm glad
i did and will be doing again:

used a variety of page protectors.
i have read where some
scrappers use the same page protector
style the whole time. 
i used which ever one i wanted
and fit the photos i was trying to include
each week.

12x12 album and page size.
i really feel like this is the size for me.
i've seen others that
are using smaller album sizes.
however, i enjoy the large 12x12 
and will def be doing that size, 
for the most part, again.

using small size page protectors for 
smaller weeks or extra photos.
when i had some not so eventful
weeks, or big weeks that didn't quite
merit two 12x12 protectors,
i added pages of a smaller
size that held the photos needed.
love the flexibility of these
and the interest/variety it adds to the
complete album.

here are some things i did but
that i want to do more of:

printing my fave photos in a large size
and placing those in their own protector.
i only enlarged a few photos this year
and did this with them.
it is something i plan on doing a whole
lot more of for my 2015 album.
i like the way it highlights
my favorites and focuses on those.
i also like the variety of sizes stuck in
my album.

enlarging photos and breaking them
apart inside the 12x12 page.
it seems like on the pages where i did this,
i loved them the most.
this just adds some visual
interest and variety.
i know i know
i've already said variety too much.
but hey, i like it.

more prints from social media.
we live in the age of social media.
i want to document that.
i think it's something shane and i 
will enjoy looking back at,
as well as our kiddos.
it will be interesting to see past posts
on Facebook, instagram, and pinterest.
i also want to make sure
to include posts of others that
were my faves.

envelopes with snippets of life.
in the album for 2014,
i only have 3 envelopes.
i want to add more for next year
and fill them with all of the paper
stuff that are reminders
of the everyday.

the three in this album were for
my birthday, new york, and christmas.

my birthday one has cards and pictures
that my kiddos drew me.

the new york one has brochures, 
maps, and other random things from
our trip that i wanted to remember.

the christmas one has christmas cards
and receipts from christmas shopping.

the four 6x6 squares.
this is, by far, my favorite
 page protector style.
i want lots more of them
in my next album.
i love that the pics are large
and the embellishing part is more simple.

more traditional layouts.
so the question i get asked most is,
do you still do regular layouts.
the answer is yes, but not really.

this year, i only scrapped two regular layouts.
i put them in page protectors and
added them to my album.
i really really want to 
do more traditional layouts 
in next year's album.
some photos just need
their own layout.

so with all that being said,
here's a few more thoughts as far as planning:

print from home.
i would, most definitely, not have
completed this project if i would not
have been able to print at home. 
with my printer,
i was able to determine
the size of my photos on the spot.
i was able to plan my pages
right before doing them.

plan ahead.
here's something i really want to 
try next year.
i want to, once a week or once every
few weeks,
print out my photos and slide them
in page protectors for that page.
i think this would help me to not feel
so overwhelmed with falling behind.
i also think this would help
to motivate me to work on
if even just for an hour or so.

for example, if i only had
30 mins and wanted to head
to my scrap room i could just work
on a few little pieces
in that time instead of printing.

i already spend some time each week
placing my photos in folders for 
each week that way i can just click
that folder and print when ready
without having to search for
what to include each week.

save more paper stuff
from the everyday.
remember how i said i wanted to include
more of those envelopes.
i need to make sure
i'm keeping those things
that i need to put in those.

write down events.
i find this most helpful.
in your planner, or calendar on your phone,
for those of you that enjoy technology,
write a little blurp about
what goes on each day.
this helps so very much with journaling
and printing, especially when you
start to fall behind.

i have nothing but great things
to say about this project.
i'm thrilled i completed one whole year.
it had me spending way more time
creating this year.
i never felt overwhelmed or stressed.
i love love love it.

i'm 8 weeks behind for 2015.
but, that's okay.
i am going to print for all 8 weeks tonite
and re-organize my stash.

i will try and post focusing
on organization of product
 once i have things

thanks for reading,
now go document your life.


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  1. Lots of great tips and so many fabulous pages!!! Your albums look awesome :)