Sunday, April 12, 2015

operation house to home: the kitchen

hey guys.

i'm here to share with ya'll
the most changed room in our home.

let me first start by saying,
if you know me just the tiniest bit,
you know that i do not do the kitchen.
by that, i mean i do not use it for cooking.
i make coffee there and i love making it look purrrty,
but, that's about the extent of it.

i'm so drawn to kitchen things when i'm junkin
so i love to buy little things to add to this room,
however, i just don't enjoy cooking. 
it ain't my thang.

when we bought the house,
everyone was like, 
"wow, that's a great kitchen for cooking."
my thoughts were,
"i don't know anything about that. 
all i know is, it's ugly and that must change."

this was what it looked like
when we bought the house.

the walls were hunter green,
the countertops were bricks,
the cabinets were yellowey,
the hardware was ultra modern,
and there was track lighting.

it was hideous,
in my opinion.

we, by we i mean my dad, 
brothers, boo, mom, paw paw,
 uncle, and myself
 painted the cabinets white,
added white subway tile,
changed the hardware, 
switched the countertops to
butcher block,
added some old light fixtures
and an island.

the wall that has the vintage
mantle piece was open.
it was a huge square window.
i absolutely hate open floor plans.
i like each room completely separate.
we closed that window up.
by we, i mean my brother and my boo.

i contemplated open shelving there
and i still may try that later,
but was on the look out
for something large enough
to hang there.
on one of our junkin trips,
i spotted this mantle piece and fell in love.

i love how flawed it is.
i love the details.
i love that there is space to add lots
of little random decor pieces.

for parties and holidays,
i decorate this with banners
and whatever else goes along with
the occasion.

the island is another one of my
favorite things in our kitchen.
i spotted it before we even closed
on the house.
i found it at one of my fave
spots and immediately knew it
was the perfect look and size for our kitchen.
i love how primitive it is.
i love the flaws.

another great thing about our kitchen
is all the storage 
and the huge pantry.

please be aware that i organize
that pantry fiercely every week.
please also be aware that i live
with a grown man who 
actually does cook and could
care less about organization.
moral of the story:
i choose my battles.

i love that we have a door that
can close the kitchen off from
the rest of the house.
it has come in handy for 
different reasons.
i have dreams
of changing that door into
something interesting.

while vera and i were
on the longest yard sale last
summer, i found a door
that said judy's diner on its' huge
glass window.
it was yellow and perfect.
i left it there and have
regretted it everyday.
it would have been great in our kitchen.

my most most favorite little
area in our house is our nook 
under the stairs.

the first time we ever looked at the house,
i was dreaming of things to put there.
i also hoped and prayed our
little diner table would fit there.
we have a formal dining room
(the room the door leads into)
so i knew that little table
would be perfect for
just shane and i to have breakfast.

i painted the chalkboard wall
on labor day and the girls
create there every time they sleep over.
i love changing things
out on that little green shelf often.
(i found it for $3 in missouri)
i also love each and every piece
on that little collage wall.

the light fixture is one of those
finds that made my heart smile.
(are there any that don't, really)
i found it for $5 at habitat.
i added an eddison bulb and love
the way it looks there.

most of the things used in decorating
the kitchen were found junkin.
if they aren't junk, they are usually 
from anthropologie.
i remember where i found 
every little thing and 
how much i paid
for each one.
it's all in the little details for me.

the baskets on top of the cabinets was
one of the last things added.
i hate clutter and was hesitant on putting stuff
up there but every time i went in there,
it seemed so empty.

it took a few junkin trips but i eventually 
found enough that i loved
to add to the cabinets.

our sink was also found on a
junkin trip in
mississippi by my parents.
i wanted an old sink with the drying
racks so bad.
my dad was going to spend the money
to re-finish it and re-paint it.
it has a couple of little nicks.
however, i love all things flawed
and thought it was kind of pointless.
it's a sink for goodness sakes.

i decided to paint the insides of 
our cabinets with the glass doors a mint green,
just for fun.
i was obsessed with mint,
when we bought the house 
and i love the touch of soft color
that breaks up all the white.

there's our kitchen.
it's nothing fancy but I'm
no fancy lady.
i love things full of junk
and flaws and character.
to me, that's lovely.
even if we don't use it all that much.


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  1. Beautiful!! Maybe you can find an antique lady to teach you how to use that awesome kitchen :)