Monday, May 11, 2015

project life 2015...

so i am moving right along
with project life 2015.
i am so thrilled to still
be keeping up with documenting
every week of our lives.

i have really fallen in love with this
type of scrapbooking and i'm not quite
sure i will ever go back.
i love that i am capturing
the everyday things that always seem
to get lost in the grand scheme of memories
and i'm so glad that we will have
these albums to look back on when 
we are old and wrinkled.

i recently did some purging
and got rid of pretty much everything
that i am not using in project life.
it felt great.
i now want to be upstairs in my scrap room
even more.
i am looking forward to summer
and a break from teaching so that
i can come up here more 
and just play with paper
for hours.
i have so many mini albums
and smashbooks i plan on completing.

let's get to it.
i am here to share weeks 1-8 with ya'll.

in one of my previous posts,
i said that i wanted to include more
screenshots from social media
into this year's album.
i did that in week 1 by including
my green wall inspiration from instagram.
i am also determined to include more
layouts in this year's album.
i kicked it off right by doing an 8.5x11 inch
layout to show off some of my favorite
instax photos from new year's eve.

i love doing layouts without the pressure
of having so many to do.
it's much more about quality
when i am just highlighting my have photos.

my favorite part of week 2
is that big 2 from miss heidi swapp.
i love the look of just the big number
on that fab card from one of my
studio calico kits.

week three included another layout.
i love love love that photo strip of
me and the girls and knew that
it would have its own page.
i took advantage of the blank back
and journaled all about that night's memories there.

week 4 was all about stretching the pics
to fill up the two 4x6 spaces
on each side of the page.
i had a few more photos so
i used a small protector to include those.
it ended up working out well
for me to be able to stretch another pic
on the back for week 5.

i never ever color coordinate
anything in life but it ended up
happening for the front of week 5's layout
and i must say i really like 
all the neutrals.
i kinda became obsessed
with writing on my pics this week too.

the front of week 6 is probably one
of my favorites this year.
i love the massive photo of my old lady face
from the 100th day of school.
i kinda can't get enough of enlarging my
favorite photos.

please excuse the ugly oval
on the top left corner.
there's a pic of my class there
and there's a big no-no about posting those.

week 7 was valentine's day and i chose
not to go the hearts and pink and red route.
i love the large wooden love from my
sc kit and knew i had to use it.
i also ended up digging the way the little
camera turned out in the center.

week 8 includes
another layout.
that pic of the girls is one of my
most favorite of all time.
i knew i wanted to keep
the layout simple.
i have been hoarding that you look lovely
wooden thing for so long
and it's perfect for this page.

so there ya go.
8 weeks of 2015.
i am currently on week 15 of this year
which isn't too shabby.
hope my people that are doing
project life are enjoying it as much as i am.


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