Tuesday, May 24, 2016

project life 2015 completed

once again i must apologize
for my neglect of this little blog.

my excuse this time is a good one…
i had a kid.
(more about that later.)
and i've been busy adjusting to motherhood.

i was finally able to finish project life
for 2015 and i'm here to share
a few more pages with you guys.

this year was fun just like last year.

i chose to do a 12x12 album again
mostly because i have so many 
page protectors in that size and i hate to
waste them.

my favorite thing to do with my layouts
is still to enlarge the pictures and cut them
to fit the individual pockets.
i just love the impact it makes
and there are just some pictures
that i love too much to keep small.

i still love the four 6x6 layout
the best.
i usually save those for weeks
that include my favorite pics.

i still used the smaller protectors for
weeks that i didn't have much to document.

one thing that i did lots more of this year
is writing on my photos with a sharpie.
i love that it's quick
and i can journal anywhere.
sometimes, the pics don't need or can't fit
embellishments and journaling straight on them
is the perfect addition.

i included a lot more good ole fashioned layouts
this year too.
it's so hard to do just a regular layout now.
i used to spend hours on one when i first
started scrapping.
now, it only takes me a few minutes
because i'm not even sure what to do.

one thing i did a little more of
was to include some of my posts from social media.
i think it's important to include those
little snippets because it's such
a huge part of our lives right now.
i'm hoping to do more of it in my 2016 album.

i used my envelopes only twice this year.
i wanted a way to include my story and feelings
about the miscarriage and felt that
just printing my blog post was the best way to do that.
the envelope was the perfect place to tuck
it away so that it only had to be read
if necessary.

one thing i wish i had done more of
was to use my fuse.
i got it and thought i'd use it so much.
i took it out once this entire year.

i'm hoping to use it in some fun ways for 2016.

all in all,
i did things pretty much the same this year
as the past one.

i have barely started in 2016.
i'm excited to document our little lady
but i am definitely feeling uninspired.
i think when you go so long without
scrapping often you lose your groove.

i need my groove back 
because i miss
it so much.

it's hard not having a local store either.
i used to feel inspired when i could shop
and get some new goodies.
i still get the documenter kit from 
studio calico
and i love when it comes in
but it's not quite the same
as shopping for loads of new stuff.

i'm also hoping to keep up with
a book for scarlett.
i got the 9x12 size from studio calico
for hers and I'm excited for a different size.

so far i've only done one layout there.
needless to say, 
i'm behind on everything.

i need to plan a crop with my friends
and just get busy.

hope you enjoyed the 2015 album.


  1. Wow! I absolutely loved everything about your album! It has a clean cohesiveness that keeps the story going as if it were a book or movie. I love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This makes me want to use big photos in multiple pockets like all the time :) Love it!!

  3. I would love to go to your crop and learn all about this!! I have no idea where to begin but want to do this so badly!! Your book is insanely gorgeous! And don't beat yourself up for not being inspired. Being a mama takes a lot out of you in SO many ways! You'll get your groove back in to time Ashley!!

  4. I need you to give me lessons! LOL I miss you so much! Love your book and so happy you are finished! See you soon...