Thursday, November 3, 2016

a sneak peek...

every time i write or type
sneak peek
i always wanna mix up the vowels
in the two words.
like who gets the ee and who gets the ea.

i wanted to share with you guys
a little peek at my newest scrap project.
i have been trying my best to create
a scrapbook of scarlett's first year of life.

i wanted her to have a detailed record
of most of her special moments during
this first year.

i figure i may not be the best at capturing
so many little details as the years go by
so i'm giving this first one my best shot.

in other words,
i may suck at momming 
later on down the line,
these twelve months,
i'm gonna rock it out.

i'm doing this book project life style
with some good old fashioned single layouts too.
i went with the studio calico 9x12 handbook
and i am loving working with this size.

i have been trying so hard to work on this book
but i have only made it to a week after
her birth so far.
i know amazing right.
she's nine months.

but i'm having to keep her alive and stuff
and prevent the house from growing black mold
and making sure we have some
clean clothes here and there so…
that is the best i've got.

i need to start coming upstairs
to work on it once i put her to bed at night
and forget about sleep and showering and all that.

i decided to include details from the moment 
we found out she existed
up until her first birthday.
i wanted the book to have pictures of my pregnancy,
her gender reveal party and shower, her room,
and the other little preparations
we made while waiting for her arrival.

i love hearing stories about that time in 
my parents' life so i included those
in her book.

here's a peek.

those are just a few of the pages.
i've completed lots more than that.
i am thinking once the book is done,
i'll share a video of the entire finished product.

the goal is for it to be completed to put out
at her birthday party.
wish me luck.


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